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What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is a JavaScript minifier. It's very similar to the excellent UglifyJS project, except that it handles ES2015/16 code (UglifyJS only supports ES5 at the moment, though they're working on it), and it's a bit faster (typically, Prosecco takes 50-75% of the time UglifyJS takes, depending on the size of the source file).

The output is slightly (as in, 1-2%) smaller with Uglify in some cases. Bear with us – Prosecco has been in development since May 2016 whereas Uglify has been in development since May 2012. Better yet, help out!

Minifying your first file


Command line options


Minifying multiple files




Using the JavaScript API


Frequently asked questions

Why the name?

Prosecco is a sibling project to Bublé, sharing a lot of the same ideas and code. Bublé sounds a bit like 'bubbly', which is how British people refer to champagne. Prosecco is basically a cheap version of champagne. It's tenuous, I know.

Why did you make this?

As an experiment. I wanted to see if the techniques used in Bublé would work as well for minification as they do for ES2015 -> ES5 compilation.